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What Children Learn at HIPPY

 HIPPY children develop their literacy, language, science, math, and motor skills. The HIPPY Curriculum activities also develop children's creativity and their social, emotional, and cognitive skills.


  • Enjoyment of books and reading

  • Story recall and comprehension

  • Book knowledge (title, author, concepts such as front and back cover, top and bottom of page, beginning, middle and end of the story)

  • Letter recognition, visual discrimination and sound awareness

  • Picture reading


  • Math readiness (quantity, size, one-to-one correspondence)

  • Categorizing and sorting  

  • Counting, number recognition and number sense

  • Matching and measuring

  • Visual discrimination (colours and shapes)


  • Scientific exploration

  • Logical reasoning through observation, identification, investigation, and describing 

  • Sensory discrimination

  • Problem solving

  • Independent thinking and predicting


  • Eye-hand coordination

  • Spatial perception

  • Fine and gross motor control

  • Balance

  • Pincer grasp


  • Auditory discrimination and listening skills

  • Vocabulary development

  • Receptive and expressive language

  • Phonemic / phonological awareness

  • Early writing experiences

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